Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

Once again, the Sunday shows strike out on Weekend Watchdog.

Despite widespread disappointment at Congress’ capitulation to the White House on Iraq, Sen. Carl Levin was not asked on Face The Nation about his prominent role — publicly caving in to President’s Bush demands even before the veto was issued.

Despite a Sunday Boston Globe expose on how the leading Republican candidates continue to inaccurately connect Iraq to Osama bin Laden in painting a oversimplified “worldwide war” picture, ’08 hopeful Mike Huckabee was not asked on Fox News Sunday about his claim that “we are in the midst of a World War III.”

And despite one of ABC’s own guest pundits last week calling out Washington for ignoring the underlying cause of illegal immigration — “no attention to economic development assistance to Mexico or Central America” — ABC’s This Week failed to bring it up with Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.

Which shows that when a outside-the-Beltway liberal viewpoint sneaks its way onto the TV, chances are it will be promptly ignored soon after.


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