Crazy Things Conservatives Say Jobless Edition

Having won the right to take control of one body of Congress, conservative Republicans are in full “what the American people voted for” mode — in which a politician presumes the “American people” believe whatever crazy thing rattles around in his or her mind. Funny then, that after agreeing to a compromise whick President Barack […]

Rep Mike Pence Says American People Did Not Vote For More Stimulus American People Disagree

Many politicians have an annoying habit of putting their own opinions in the mouth of “the American people.” But Tea Party favorite Rep. Mike Pence showed particular audacity yesterday. Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Pence announced his opposition to the tax cut compromise because, The American people did not vote for more stimulus.” Oh […]

Conservative Activist Judge Makes Conservative Activist Decision

In a completely expected development, a conservative activist judge made a conservative activist decision, ignoring decades of judicial precedent to declare the main provision of the health reform law — requiring most Americans to purchase health insurance — unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has long held that our federal government has the authority to enact laws […]

Do The Deal: For The Jobless. For The Economy.

Deal or No Deal?’s Bill Scher and Dave Johnson make their cases for and against the preliminary tax cut deal between the President and Republican leaders. Bill Scher’s case for the deal is below. Click here for Dave Johnson’s case against the deal. Why support the tax cut deal? Three reasons. 1. Stimulus Is […]

Health Care Reform Is Deficit Reduction Remember That

When health care reform was signed into law, President Barack Obama correctly described it as “biggest deficit reduction plan since the 1990s.” In fact, the Congressional Budget Office projected it would save more than $1 trillion during the next two decades. This didn’t end the deficit hysteria. It should have. It is a profound shame […]

Before Simpson-Bowles Spins The Vote We Must Raise Our Voice

On Wednesday, the White House deficit commission is expected to take a final vote of the recommendations of its co-chairs Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles. Then the battle for public opinion really begins. As the Wall Street Journal reported today, there is little expectation that the commission will meet the threshold of support –14 of […]

If GOP Hates Job-Killing Regulations Why So Silent On New Rule Against Health Insurance Profiteering

Yesterday, the White House issued one of those — eek! — regulations. As part of implementing the health reform law, our federal government established a new rule to stop profiteering by private health insurance companies. As the AP reported, the regulation “calls for insurance companies to spend at least 80 cents of the premium dollar […]

One Week Until Deficit Commission Concludes Time To Speak Out

The White House deficit commission is expected to vote Wednesday, Dec. 1 on a final report of recommendations. And it will likely not be much different than the draft released by its co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Bowles said last week: “We aren’t going to make it softer than it is today. It’s going […]

The Top Five Priorities Of The New GOP (Hint None Of Them Are Jobs)

Republicans were triumphant in this year’s election in part by arguing they would do a better job at creating jobs. But what have they been prioritizing since they won? What are they actually proposing to do now? Here are the biggest actions Republican have taken since Election Day. See if you can guess what’s missing: […]

Republican Senator Acknowledges Health Reform Is Not A Federal Government Takeover

After the President signed the health reform law, opponent GOP Sen. Scott Brown immediately promised to push for changes. In a March 30th Boston Globe oped, he wrote: “I am working on legislation that would allow states to opt out of this federal health care bill because states need flexibility, not a federal government takeover […]