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For Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. (CBS’ Face The Nation): Three weeks before Bush’s veto of the Iraq bill, you offered an early concession, saying you would certainly remove any timetable for withdrawal if Bush demanded it.

Did conceding to Bush so early damage your ability to put public pressure on wavering senators and challenge the White House’s Iraq strategy?

For Mike Huckabee (Fox News Sunday): You have said that “we are in the midst of a World War III.” Isn’t that the kind of oversimplified worldview, casually lumping Al Qaeda in with Iran and Syria, that President Bush did to take the country to war in Iraq?

For Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez (ABC’s This Week): On last week’s program, Katrina vanden Huevel said, “there is no attention in this city or in this Congress to the root causes of immigration … no attention to economic development assistance to Mexico or Central America.”

The White House claims the immigration deal would relieve pressure on the border, but if nothing is done to create good jobs near the homes of people south of the border, won’t our immigration system continue to be overwhelmed?


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