Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

After actually asking a Watchdog question last month, the Sunday show hosts return to their traditional pattern, as the Watchdog goes 0-for-3.

On Face The Nation, Gov. Mike Huckabee was not forced to address his false statement about the Senate children’s health insurance bill.

On ABC’s This Week, Sen. Sam Brownback was allowed to repeat his claim that he wants a “political surge” in Iraq, without being asked about his filibuster to block legislation that would do just that.

On Meet The Press, Democratic Leadership Council [DLC] Chair Harold Ford was not asked by the host to explain his recent statement, “I don’t know who’s been right about this war all along.”

But Ford’s fellow guest, DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, alluded to it in this exchange:

MOULITSAS: …to come out and say, “Well we’re going to cut taxes, and we’re going to let these deficits run up, and we’re going to let our infrastructure crumble,” clearly it’s the wrong way to go.

On health care, on the war in Iraq, which you still refuse to say is a big mistake.

FORD: It’s, it’s–

MOULITSAS: You, you were on just on Fox News. So, clearly, we have a situation where you have an organization [the DLC] that’s been on the wrong side of the issues and has failed to really build a movement, has failed to really draw popular support.


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