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For GOP presidential hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee: (CBS’ Face The Nation): In the last debate, you announced opposition to the Senate bill providing more health insurance for kids because, “it actually would bring cuts to the Medicare alternative, which is the worst thing we could do, because it then takes money away from seniors.”

But the Senate bill doesn’t affect Medicare at all.

Knowing that your main concern is unfounded, will you now support the Senate bill?

Or, like the rest of the GOP presidential field, will you oppose the bill, in deference to the 15% of voters who do not want more kids to have health insurance?

For GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback (ABC’s This Week): In the last debate, you said Iraq needs “a political surge.”

But you filibustered a Senate bill that would have required a change in course for Iraq, including a surge in diplomatic and economic engagement.

Why have you chosen to be a force for obstruction in the Senate, instead of a force for the progress you claim you want?

For Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford (NBC’s Meet The Press): In your capacity as a Fox News contributor, you recently said “I don’t know who’s been right about this war all along.”

As you voted to give President Bush the authority to invade Iraq, aren’t you one of the people who were not right all along?


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