Local Blogs Pressure House Conservatives

With the children’s health insurance override vote set for next week, the progressive liberal blogosphere is as fired up as I’ve ever seen over a domestic policy issue. Local bloggers in particular are stoking the pressure on key House members.

Pharyngula tees off on Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann:

The story is that Cruella de Ville Michele Bachmann was one of the conservative drones who voted to let poor children suffer; worse, she afterwards tried to claim that she was actually a supporter of SCHIP, that the bill would have benefitted the wealthy so she really wasn’t trying to hurt poor kids, and that her critics should “bring it on”. The Star Tribune editorialized against her position, and there have been vigils outside her office to try and persuade her to change her vote and override the president’s veto.

The argument that this bill would have advantaged the already rich means Michele Bachmann has joined the ranks of the repellent Republicans who gleefully attack children.

Nevada bloggers have Rep. Dean Heller in their sights.


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