They Just Don’t Get It

Sen. John McCain rolled out his health care plan today, and said:

Right now, too many of our citizens don’t have an insurance policy at all, and those who do are afraid they will lose the one they have – afraid they will get too sick, afraid to stay home and not work full-time, and afraid their benefits will disappear along with their job.

I believe that everyone should get a tax credit of $2,500, $5,000 for families.

Let’s look again at the brave yet struggling Frost family of six.

Their combined income, before taxes, is $45,000. Mrs. Frost recently priced private insurance at $14,400 a year. And they can’t even get a private company to accept them because of pre-existing medical conditions.

Is a $5,000 tax credit going to guarantee they can afford and access health insurance? Of course not.


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