Is Gonzales “Going Down In Flames”?

As noted below, several Republican Senators have been not willing to provide political cover for Gonzales. And this afternoon, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., called for Gonzales’ resignation at the end of his questioning.

Further, CNN White House reporter Suzanne Malveaux just aired this report:

…people who we have spoken to, White House insiders, those involved in discussion with members, senior staff, behind me in [the White House] as well as outside, are saying that Gonzales is in trouble…

…I just want to read a couple of things, describing the testimony as, from two senior level White House aides, “going down in flames,” “not doing himself any favors,” that this was “predictable.”

One prominent Republican describing the testimony this way, as “watching a clubbing of [a] baby seal.”

Clearly, these people are saying, this all hangs on one person, and that is the President.

Sounds like much of the conservative establishment is putting maximum pressure on Bush to force Gonzales out, or on Gonzales to jump.

Though, it should be stressed, no conservative has denounced the purge itself.

That’s because the purge is the essence of conservative government: Hacks over pros. Partisan agendas over the law. Political payback over the public interest.

Nevertheless, many Washington conservatives realize Gonzales isn’t worth the hassle. We don’t know if Bush is one of them.


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