Blogger Roundup of Gonzales Hearing

Video highlights of today’s Senate hearing with Attorney General Gonzales is up at PoliticsTV and TPMmuckaker. Thorough liveblogging is up at Firedoglake and The Gun Toting Liberal.

McJoan at DailyKos says Gonzales “decided that claiming incompetence is the way to go”.

Bark Bark Woof Woof: “If I told my boss ‘I don’t recall’ as many times as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales did this morning in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’d be fired, and rightly so.”

Under the LobsterScope: “Is everyone noticing what a weak defender of his own position Gonzales is?”

The Carpetbagger Report gives some color:

Leahy, looking incredulous, asked if Gonzales remembered deciding to fire the prosecutors. The AG, annoyed, said, “I remember making the decision.” When, Leahy asked. “I don’t recall,” Gonzales said. After a glare that lasted several seconds, Leahy told Gonzales, “We’ll get back to this. Count on it.”

It’s been that kind of morning for the Attorney General.

Think Progress highlights Sen. Arlen Specter’s remark: “I don’t think you’re going to win a debate about your preparation”

LawyerWorldLand finds the humor in Gonzales’ memory recall: “I now understand there was a conversation with myself and the president.”

Glenn Greenwald and Over The Line, Smokey note the relatively tough questioning from Republicans comes from conservative complaints that Gonzales isn’t anti-immigrant enough.

Birmingham Blues looks at the questioning for her senator, Jeff Sessions: “Jeff didn’t exactly batter Gonzales, but he didn’t give him a pass either. None of the softball, here’s-the-answer-I-want-to-hear questions. Should we be speculating that perhaps Bush has had it with his buddy Fredo?”


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