Classy Conservatives on Katrina

When Newt Gingrich blamed the victims of Hurricane Katrina for their “failure of citizenship,” he wasn’t just speaking for himself. Many other conservatives share his contempt for the displaced.

Yesterday on the House Financial Services Committee, according to CQ Today, conservatives tried to make it harder for victims to secure housing, return home and get back on their feet.

In particular, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a featured speaker at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, sought to limit funds for repairing and rebuilding public housing. His amendment was just barely defeated 30-35.

More unpopular was his amendment forcing victims to work 20 hours a week before receiving housing assistance. Apparently, it’s also a “failure of citizenship” when you can’t land a job while you lack a roof over your head.

At least that bright idea only garnered 18 votes.

Is it any wonder conservative government failed the people of New Orleans?


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