Borosage on EcoTalk: No More Candidate Caution

Last night, Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage appeared on Air America’s EcoTalk, to discuss his recent column in The Nation, “When’s The Idea Primary?”, challenging the presidential candidates to offer “bold ideas” and lamenting that so far “caution is the order of the day.”

During the interview, Borosage laid down a marker regarding global warming:

The real question for these candidates is … do you treat [climate change] as “business as usual” within the constraints of the current budget process? Which, given its deficits, are very constraining.

Or do you treat it like you treat the Iraq War, where it’s above the budget line? And you’re prepared to spend what it takes to create a process that moves us rapidly towards renewable energy and towards dealing with this challenge that we face.

If you do that, you can create jobs and growth and real opportunity, and meet this fundamental challenge to our existence.

As discussed here yesterday, we’re unfortunately seeing that tension play out right now as Congress grapples with tax credits for renewable energy.

Click here to listen to the full interview.


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