Bloggers Put The Heat On The Obstructionists

Over the weekend, bloggers responded to Robert Borosage’s call to “Expose The Obstructionists” and sign our petition, urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to force conservatives to filibuster popular legislation in broad daylight.

Digby deemed the petition smart strategy:

This is important for setting the terms of the debate as well as actually getting some of these initiatives off the ground. The congress is suffering in the polls because the Republicans are blocking any progress on issues that people care about. Now is the time to begin educating people about who is really responsible for this and it’s going to take some drama.

FireDogLake makes a similar case:

It’s important for the Democrats to know that there is popular support for this kind of fight, and the American people will continue their attitude of “pox on both your houses” until it becomes clear that the GOP is responsible for the current quagmire. Reid may be quite proud of the Democrats’ success in the first six months but that could be the problem — it’s just not enough.

Talking Points Memo is flabbergasted by the hypocrisy:


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