Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

For the second week in a row, the Sunday shows go 0-for-3 for the Watchdog.

ABC’s This Week allowed Sen. Joe Lieberman to go on-and-on about bipartisanship, yet failed to ask him what he would do to stop the litany of conservative obstruction.

On CBS’ Face The Nation, Sen. Richard Lugar said “American forces” should “stay relatively indefinitely in Iraq,” yet the host failed to ask him if his disgreement with the House is merely over the size of the occupation, not about the occupation itself.

On NBC’s Meet The Press, Sen. Pat Leahy was asked if he would take White House Counsel Fred Fielding’s “offer” of private interviews with Bush’s aides without a public transcript, or opportunities for follow-up. But Fielding’s recent dishonesty about Bush’s involvement in the prosecutor purge was not mentioned.

Other takes on the Sunday shows from ThinkProgress, Crooks and Liars and Daily Kos.


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