What Iowa Voters Want

We don’t know who will win the Iowa caucuses, but we do know what Iowa voters want.

As the leading Democrats seek to eek out a final lead, each delivered copious servings of substance, all pledging to achieve the same goals: an economy that works for everyone, health care for all, a clean energy future, affordable education and the end of the Iraq occupation.

Sen. Barack Obama’s final major speech stresses the urgency for change:

At this defining moment, we cannot wait any longer for universal health care. We cannot wait to fix our schools. We cannot wait for good jobs, and living wages, and pensions we can count on. We cannot wait to halt global warming, and we cannot wait to end this war in Iraq.

Former Sen. John Edwards’ 36-hour marathon campaign swing highlighted 36 policy proposals to “Create More Good Jobs,” “Help Families Save and Get Ahead,” “Pass True Universal Health Care,” “Strengthen Our Schools,” establish “Smart Trade Policy,” “Invest in Rural Areas,” and “Achieve Energy Independence.”

And Sen. Hillary Clinton hit the same themes in one of her final speeches:


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