Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

The Watchdog had a better than usual day with the Sunday shows.

Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer kicked off his interview with the anti-immigrant Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., citing poll numbers similar to what was mentioned here, and concluding that “American people seem much more relaxed about all this than their leaders and opinion makers.”

While Schieffer didn’t directly ask King why his charges of “amnesty” we’re falling flat with voters, the accurate poll analysis put King on the defensive, and precluded leaving the impression — left by other media outlets — that a defeat of the Senate bill would be the result of massive anti-immigrant sentiment.

Fox News Sunday failed to ask US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker about the Administration’s new rhetoric — comparing our strategy to Korea, where troops have been stationed for more than 50 years.

Though on ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos did ask Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Penn., for his response to the “Korea” strategy. (Murtha called it “absolutely not realistic.”)

But the specific Watchdog question was not asked — what will Congress do to enforce the new law banning funds for permanent bases?

Despite the fact that White House officials told the New York Times their “long-term” plans in Iraq involve “maintaining three or four major bases”.


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