Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

The Sunday shows score their first question for the Watchdog in 2008!

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace did ask Mitt Romney about the federal lobbyists on his campaign team, despite his claim that he doesn’t have any lobbyists running his campaign.

Romney’s response? “There’s no question in a campaign of 200 staff and probably 100 advisers that you’re going to have a number who are registered lobbyists.”

No question! How could you not have at least a few lobbyists on board? They’re irresistible!

But Fox News failed to ask Sen. Chuck Schumer about his defense of low income taxes for hedge fund managers

And on ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos did not ask Rudy Giuliani why he would cut the corporate tax to stimulate the economy, when the CBO found that to be “not a particularly cost-effective method of stimulating business spending.”

Stephanopoulos did press Giuliani on his support for making the Bush tax cuts permanent, noting that “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke came out this week and said that it is the temporary, targeted tax cuts, not the permanent tax cuts, that deliver the most bang for the buck right now.”

Giuliani responded: “But the reality is, you have to have a balance of both,” apparently not understanding the definitions of “temporary” and “permanent.”


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