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Apologies for a belated Weekend Watchdog post, as I’m back from a vacation and long flight delay. But as usual, on Sunday at 4 PM ET, tune in to Air America Radio’s “Seder on Sundays” program, where I’ll offer the Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up.

For Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (ABC’s This Week) and Sen. John McCain, R-AZ (Fox News Sunday): Time Magazine reported this week from Pakistan:

…as [Musharraf’s] regime cracked down on lawyers, journalists and human-rights activists, it agreed to a cease-fire with a powerful militant leader who had taken 213 soldiers hostage in the lawless northwestern region. The irony was not lost on Asma Jahangir, Pakistan’s best-known human-rights activist, who wrote in an e-mail from house arrest, “Those [Musharraf] has arrested are progressive, secular-minded people, while the terrorists are offered negotiations and cease-fires.”

Yet, Condi Rice and President Bush have continued to describe Musharraf with kind words and have refused to take any substantive action in response to his dictatorial crackdown. And McCain has not criticized the White House for continuing to provide aid to Musharraf.

You claim your foreign policy is to defeat terrorism by promoting democracy. Isn’t this further evidence that your actual foreign policy does neither?


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