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Karl Rove, in his week-long attempt to spin his resignation in disgrace, will disgrace three of the Sunday shows: Meet The Press, Face The Nation and Fox News Sunday.

So many questions to ask, so few professional TV talk show hosts. Let’s help them out.

1. You claim you resigned “for the sake of my family.” But your son has already left for college in Texas, and you don’t plan to move back there for a few years.

Further, two weeks before your resignation, you were subpoenaed by the Senate about your role in the Prosecutor Purge.

One week before, Congressional Quarterly reported that the White House’s own Office of Special Counsel was making progress in a “wide-ranging … inquiry into improper political activity in the administrative reaches of the Bush White House, much of it reportedly under the supervision of Karl Rove… .” (More background at The American Prospect.)

And investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler notes that: “Rather than saying ‘no’ in response to a question whether he is resigning because of congressional scrutiny, he admits only that that is a predictable speculation.”

Why shouldn’t Americans conclude that you resigned not for your family, but to protect the White House from further scandal?


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