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For Newt Gingrich (NBC’s Meet The Press): You’re one of the intellectual architects of the current foreign policy strategy in the Gulf, and President Bush is following your advice on Iraq by naming a “war czar.”

Yet in May 1999 during the NATO campaign in Kosovo, you said that:

…the elite news media, the liberal academic elite, the liberal political elite: I accuse you in Littleton, and I accuse you in Kosovo, of being afraid to talk about the mess you have made, and being afraid to take responsibility for the things that you have done, and instead foisting on the rest of us pathetic banalities because you don’t have the courage to look at the world you have created…

…I don’t know why none of the Joints Chiefs have resigned because this campaign is a violation of every rule I know of in how you design a campaign…

… We are wasting our resources. Our prestige is diminishing. And all over the world we look like a violent, helpless, pathetic country.

Few now see the Kosovo campaign as a failure, but most of the American people believe the Iraq war is a failure that’s not worth our resources.


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