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For Newt Gingrich (ABC’s This Week): Your new book “Real Change”, says we should reject the notion of a divided Blue and Red America, and recognize that the American people widely agree on a new direction for our country.

Yet you falsely claim that “America has a natural, overwhelming center-right majority” that supports “limited government.” In fact, Americans support proven government initiatives like Social Security, Medicare and public schools, and want our government to guarantee health care for everyone and invest our tax dollars in renewable energy to fight global warming.

You claim to reject false division so we can bring about positive change, then conjure up a false division “between red-white-and-blue America … and a fringe on the left…”.

As your book is practically a parody of a conservative hack job, why should anyone care about what you have to say?

For former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass. (CBS’ Face The Nation): You are campaigning in Michigan on your plan to stimulate the economy, and stressing investment in research and development.

Similarly, your website says you will “Dramatically increase federal spending on research, development, and demonstration projects that hold promise for diversifying our energy supply and increasing our energy efficiency.”

But you also say on your website that you would “Veto domestic nondefense discretionary appropriations that increase spending by more than inflation minus one percent.”

Since you would be “dramatically increasing federal spending on research [and] development” to help the economy, what spending would you cut in order to keep your promises?

To former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, R-N.Y. (Fox News Sunday): In the last debate, you said that “the reality is that some tax cuts do add to [government] revenues” and “you also have to cut spending as significantly as you cut taxes.”

But if tax cuts magically bring in more revenue to our government coffers, why would you need to cut spending as much as you cut taxes?


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