“The Rich Are Getting Screwed”

So that’s what’s wrong with our economy.

At an afternoon panel on taxes, Scott Hodge of the Tax Foundation, lamented that despite six years of tax cuts mainly for the wealthiest, we haven’t completely destroyed our progressive tax system.

After a slide presentation described how the wealthy contribute more in taxes and the poor receive more in benefits, Hodge declared, “the rich are getting screwed.”

Now there’s the message that will bring back conservatism.

Later, a questioner suggested that that stats of people living under the poverty level aren’t accurate because it doesn’t include their government benefits.

In response, Hodge, after claiming that the percent of people in poverty is the same as it was in the 60s (not mentioning that poverty went down under Pres. Clinton and up under Pres. Bush), said:

Either those programs are doing no good, or else we’re not taking them into account. It’s a tremendous redistribution of wealth to lower-income people, and it should be accounted for. Or, just get rid of it.

(Emphasis added)

Save the rich. Stop helping the poor. I give you, conservatism.


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