The Ideas Primary Comes To YearlyKos

Back in March, Campaign for America’s Future Co-Director Robert Borosage lamented the state of the presidential campaign in his piece for The Nation, “When’s the Idea Primary?” He concluded:

Activists, particularly in the early primary states, should continue to demand more. We need a debate on fundamentals: on our global strategy, our imperial commitments, our trade and investment policies, on how to make this economy work for working people, on how to meet threats, from Al Qaeda to climate change. We need that debate now, in 2007, during what should be the “idea primary.” We need the next President to win not just a majority but a mandate.

Fortunately, there’s a reason why the progressive blogger community was honored with the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award at Take Back America 2007.

In two weeks, the largest gathering of the “netroots” will convene at the YearlyKos Convention, and one of the highlights will be the Presidential Leadership Forum featuring most of the Democratic field. Questions are being solicited from the public online in three different categories, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy and Philosophy & Experience.

Nothing about haircuts or necklines or other trivial matters that campaign beat reporters regularly prioritize over issues.


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