SCHIP Vote Starts To Ripple Across Country

Today, the Senate passed the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program with a veto-proof 69 votes, including 18 Republicans.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the House vote is beginning to ripple across the country.

The Montgomery (AL) Advertiser leads its story with:

Reps. Mike Rogers and Terry Everett voted against a bill that would expand funding for a health insurance program that could affect tens of thousands of Alabama children.

Denver Post columnist Diane Carman gave voice to the reaction from a local pediatrician:

Colorado Republican Congress members Marilyn Musgrave, Doug Lamborn and Tom Tancredo voted against the bill to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program on Tuesday.

They did this despite their unctuous claims that they are pro-life, pro-family and in favor of leaving no child behind.

It’s the kind of thing that drives guys like Paul Melinkovich crazy. But then, the pediatrician at Denver Health Medical Center sees things from a different point of view.


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