Reid’s Bold Move

When you’re Senate Majority Leader, everyone’s fighting for your ear. Today, the netroots have Harry Reid’s ear, instead of the punditocracy.

This blog has long been calling for Senate leaders to fight for bold, popular legislation and stand up to those blocking its passage — instead of flinching at filibusters, chasing unprincipled compromises and accommodating the conservative minority.

We launched the petition last month urging Reid to do just that.

And many other bloggers — including Digby, Taylor Marsh, Open Left, Booman Tribune, ThinkProgress, Miles Mogulescu, FireDogLake, Leisure Guy, The Next Hurrah, The Carpetbagger Report, Tangled Webs, Billy Creek, Politits, Talking Points Memo, South Georgia Liberal, Pygalgia, The Newshoggers, The Sideshow, Seeing The Forest and Blue Jersey — have rallied around the effort.

In the other corner is the punditocracy -– represented by folks like New York Times’ David Brooks, Washington Post’s David Ignatius and Time’s Joe Klein. In particular, Brooks recently accused Reid of thwarting a biparistan consensus to change course (but remain) in Iraq, for political purposes.


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