Media Bias Against Dem Drug Plan Continues

Is the Washington Post actively trying to thwart the First 100 Hours goal to empower Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices?

Today, the Post prints a one-two punch of misleading information.

On the “news” side, we have particularly egregious piece broadly claiming that “experts” don’t believe the Democratic Medicare proposal will work like the Veterans Administration drug plan, because it does not create the kind of restrictive list of covered drugs that the VA does.

And over on the oped page, the Post gives free ink to Bush’s Health and Human Services Secretary so he can make the same claims.

But nowhere in the Post does it mention what the experts at Families USA say to debunk that claim: the VA list is not that restrictive, as vets can get drugs not on the list. Further, the VA’s negotiators have cut prices for drugs its list doesn’t cover.

See our earlier post, Good For Vets, Good For Medicare, for more background.

And then, drop a line to the Washington Post, and tell them to report the whole story.


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