Local Blogs Keep The SCHIP Pressure On

With the vote to override Bush’s veto of children’s health insurance scheduled for Thursday, blogs are continuing to help hold House conservatives accountable to their constituents.

Free State Politics informs Rep. Roscoe Bartlett about the latest poll numbers showing strong support for SCHIP in Western Maryland.

The Fighting 29th observes: “The S-CHIP debate shows just how much the last 7 years have cost Republicans … What’s taken a few short years to undo may take the Republicans years to fix. In the meantime, Randy Kuhl’s loyalty to the Bush administration will continue to damage his hopes for a 2008 victory.” Also, Rochester Turning is promoting ads running against Rep. Kuhl.

Blogging for Michigan rips Reps for “More SCHIP lies, more flawed logic” and asks area House members, “Would Jesus Have Vetoed the SCHIP Bill?”

Tondee’s Tavern, which has been pounding Rep. Jim Marshall, reports: “Georgia Budget and Policy has weighed in with the facts and figures on what Georgia loses if Congress fails to override Bush’s veto on SCHIP. If this bill passes, Georgia will get over $400 million in federal funds every year-that’s $240 million more than was provided under the original program. Take a look at the figures and tell me how anyone-anyone-representing Georgia could possibly fail to vote for this legislation.”

Cotton Mouth reports that Rep. Gene Taylor will be hit with ads saying his opposition to SCHIP undercuts his “pro-life” stance.

Nevada’s My Silver State sizes up Rep. Dean Heller recent appearance on a local talk show, finding Heller is simply “Not Reality Based.”

The Bridge reminds Kentucky readers that Sen. Mitch McConnell’s joke of a SCHIP bill would make kids “worse off.”

MNpublius says Rep. Michele Bachmann is “feeling the heat.”

SquareState.net publishes a letter from a Colorado state representative urging Rep. Marilyn Musgrave to do the right thing for kids.


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