Let The Kids Dance

If memory serves, back in 1995, right after the Republicans took over Congress, a pre-Fox News Dennis Miller looked at footage of a sea of grumpy white men sitting on their hands during a Bill Clinton State of the Union address, and remarked:

It’s the elders from Footloose! Let. The. Kids. Dance!

This week James Inhofe, who was swept into the Senate with that GOP takeover, has proven Miller prescient.

The Hill reports that Inhofe is single-handedly blocking a Senate resolution to allow the planned Live Earth concert event from performing on the U.S. Capitol grounds.

Live Earth, a July 7th series of concerts on all seven continents, is a benefit to fund “a new, multi-year global effort to combat the climate crisis led by Vice President Al Gore.”

Inhofe, fresh off of his laughably juvenile performance during Gore’s Senate testimony, dishonestly claimed his opposition to the concert was that it is a “partisan political event.” But the resolution opening up the Capitol grounds, which needs unanimous consent to be quickly approved, is co-sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican.

Inhofe has firmly established himself as the most childish member of Congress, which makes him the perfect face for the global warming denial movement.


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