First 100 Hours Finishes 58 Hours Early

Today, the House passed the CLEAN Energy Act, 264-163, with 36 Republicans crossing party lines to support the bill, and only 4 Dems voting against.

And yesterday, the College Student Relief Act passed 356-71, with 124 Republicans crossing over.

That completes the House Dems’ First 100 Hours agenda, with 58 legislative working hours left to spare.

More work has been done for people in 100 hours than the previous conservative Congress did in two years.

However, as has become obvious, the Republican minority has the numbers to kill popular legislation in the Senate, and Democrats may respond to that by cutting weak deals.

But Dem Senators should take heed of the House vote totals. Every bill commands wide public support, and attracted significant GOP votes.

Senate Dems have the clear upper hand, and should stand firm with the House and the people.

In all likelihood, survival instinct will kick in on the GOP side, and enough will support the First 100 Hours agenda to get it to the president’s desk.

Or, if Republicans block passage, they will be the ones who will face the wrath of the voters, not those who heeded the public will.


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