Employer-Based Health Care: The Denouement

NPR’s Morning Edition aired a piece earlier this week about a burgeoning trend: corporations giving money to unions and handing off the responsibility of providing health care.

With costs skyrocketing, these companies believe paying a lump sum now is better than being crushed by rising costs later.

While the trust being put into unions is nice, it feels more like a panic move as our current health care system continues to crumble all around us. As SEIU’s Andy Stern says:

It is time to admit that the employer-based health care system is dead, a relic of the industrial economy. America cannot compete in the new global economy when we are the only industrialized nation on earth that puts the price of healthcare on the cost of our products.

This development is merely a cry for fundamental, comprehensive reform. Check out our Health Care For All page for more.


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