Drug Battle Brewing in Senate

USA Today reports that the First 100 Hours battle for affordable prescription drugs may come down a few votes in the Senate:

“While Democrats have the votes to pass the bill in the House, it faces a closer battle in the Senate. The Senate Finance Committee opens hearings on the issue Thursday. A weaker version that allowed but did not mandate government negotiations got 54 votes in the Senate last year, six short of the 60 required to overcome Republicans’ objections. Sens. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., its sponsors, count 58 or 59 votes this year — still short of what’s needed.

“White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Tuesday that Bush’s advisers would recommend he veto the House bill.”

For now, the focus of Campaign for America’s Future is putting grassroots pressure on the House to follow through on its First 100 Hours agenda.

But the battle will soon shift to the Senate, and we will only overcome Big Pharma’s bankroll with loud and clear public support. Get ready.


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