Bloggers Demand Health Insurance For Kids

With the House vote on expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program expected later today, bloggers are rising up and putting heat on wavering congresspeople.


Having worked with at risk children in abuse and neglect cases, I can tell you first hand how important early intervention health care can be for these kids. This is especially true for children with developmental and other medical delays and with chronic medical conditions, where early and appropriate health care can remediate and often help to somewhat correct issues that would cost taxpayers a lot more down the road in educational services and chronic medical care.

How could you not want to do the right thing early for a child to give them a shot at a much better life in years to come?

The Seminal:

This is really a no brainer issue. Healthcare for kids = good.

President Bush has vowed to veto the legislation. His priorities are clearly way off. The amount we spend on the Iraq war in one month could more than double SCHIP’s coverage.

Charlie Averill:

President Bush and his compassionate conservative pals are wanting another 200 billion dollars for their “war” in Iraq, but when it comes to providing an additional 4 million children some health insurance … they squeal like a herd of pigs.

ThinkProgress: “41 days in Iraq vs. insuring 10 million children.”


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