Blog Reaction to Gore House Testimony

Al Gore wrapped up his House testimony earlier this afternoon, and blogs are weighing in.

Climate Progress writes:

[Gore] was beyond well-versed in the diplomatic, scientific, economic, environmental, political and moral issues at hand.

After also watching the treatment of James Hansen at yesterday’s House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, I’m still grappling with how smeared Hansen was versus how well-received Gore was.

Complaints that science should not meddle in politics and that politics should not meddle in science commonly surround the global warming predicament. But we are witnessing a rare, sensitive, and urgent overlap in which both actors are equally critical.

I realize that Gore is one of the politicians’ own and has held an executive title more prestigious than theirs, but I remain confounded at the demand for sound science yet the frankly childish treatment of Hansen.

Brian Beutler offered this review:

He did pretty well. I’m not under any illusions. I know that even a serene and captivating performance by the worlds finest orator/climate expert wouldn’t make a huge or immediate difference.

But the Democrats’ strategy for this congress is to peck and peck and peck away at these big issues with votes and testimony and celebrity figures like Gore until the doubters and obstructionists cede ground or look foolish. I’m not ready to discount that strategy yet.

Gore was at times rambling, at times a prisoner to the word “consensus”, seldom irritated, but never flummoxed, and ultimately he found an poised and statesmanlike stride.

The Intersection concludes:

I found Al Gore’s opening testimony–which I just watched–deeply stirring. Whenever I hear the guy talk, my feeling is always the same: He exudes intelligence.

By contrast, I found the behavior of Rep. Joe Barton–constantly raising petty parliamentary objections, quibbling over whether Gore’s actual presentation did or didn’t match his written testimony closely enough, and then trying to fight over the science once again–to be small indeed.

And the Gristmill’s David Roberts looks at Gore’s policy proposals and finds:

My initial reaction is that Gore is going for the whole enchilada. He’s pushing the envelope. These are radical proposals.

Gore’s Senate testimony is happening right now.


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