$3.22 a Gallon: Time For a Real Energy Policy

ABC News reports that average gas prices are as high as ever been recorded, after adjusting for inflation: $3.22 a gallon.

High prices for fossil fuels wouldn’t be a big deal, if consumers had affordable, cleaner alternatives.

But we don’t, thanks to years of conservative energy policy.

President Bush ran in 2000 by saying “we need an energy policy.” But the policy has been empty rhetoric and inaction. Without any serious investment into renewable fuels, gas consumption has risen, along with gas prices on Bush’s watch.

As a result, we’re squeezed — dependent on dirty oil from abroad thanks to bad energy policy, made more expensive thanks to the global instability fed by bad foreign policy.

To get out of Big Oil’s choke-hold, not to mention solve the climate crisis, we need new policies that create a market for renewable fuels brewed at home.

And on Capitol Hill today, Apollo Alliance’s Jerome Ringo testified to the new House global warming committee on how to do just that.


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