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First lady Laura Bush is scheduled for a friendly chat with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, and it’s frankly hard to narrow down the questions we’d like to hear the husband of George W. Bush answer. (For starters: What on earth is wrong with your husband, anyway?)

But since she is just back from a trip through the Middle East, where she wore a hijab in Saudi Arabia and told soldiers in Kuwait that people appreciate the gift of freedom “no matter what you might read in the newspapers,” it’s fair to ask: With the Blackwater shooting incident straining the U.S. government’s relationship to the Iraqis and with Afghan President Harmid Karzai calling, in an interview to be aired on 60 Minutes Sunday, for the U.S. government to curtail its use of air strikes that kill innocent civilians, how forceful an advocate is she being for civilian victims of American military intervention? Is she, for example, calling for private paramilitary organizations like Blackwater to be removed from Iraq, or at least be held accountable for their actions?


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