Video: ‘We Have To Continue The Filibuster Fight’

The fight for filibuster reform does not stop with what MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz on Thursday dubbed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s “fail-ibuster.” Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen told Schultz that “we have to continue that fight.”

Cohen said there are real consequences to the decision by Reid to agree to only slight modifications to Senate procedures rather than a total rewrite of the rules conservatives have abused to obstruct legislative priorities supported by the American majority.

“What’s going to happen now to Social Security and other budget issues? What’s going to happen to immigration reform?,” Cohen asked.

Schultz agreed. “I mean, folks, climate change? Forget it. Immigration reform? You probably won’t get that. Taxation and more revenue to the treasury? You’re not going to be able to tax Wall Street now.”

Cohen encouraged using the one wedge in Reid’s agreement with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “I think we send a message of total determination that, as every issue is being discussed and if Mitch McConnell has to sign off to put it on the floor, … we have to link this up and say, ‘You said if it wasn’t functioning you would change it. Fifty-one can change it.”

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