E.J. Dionne Explains “Why The Right Went Wrong” And Birthed Trumpism

The rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Party has been fertilized by the failed promises of 50 years of conservative ideology, according to E.J. Dionne, syndicated columnist and author of a new book, “Why the Right Went Wrong.”

“Conservatives have made a series of promises that they couldn’t keep” in areas ranging from shrinking the size of government to resisting changing cultural mores to protecting white hegemony, Dionne says in a brief interview with OurFuture.org. Then there is the economic promise that they manifestly failed to keep: that by cutting taxes for the wealthy and by tilting the playing field to favor the powerful, it would be working-class people who would gain the benefit. Instead, the working class lost even more.

“Republicans have depended on the votes of white working class voters for decades, and they haven’t delivered any tangible benefits to those voters,” Dionne said. “Trump speaks to their anger.”

Dionne adds, however, that “the one good that could coms out of the Trump rebellion is that there are a lot of people who are hurting… Progressives have to figure out how to speak to those voters, many of whom they will never get in an election, but their core grievance with their life circumstance is a legitimate grievance.”

“Why the Right Went Wrong” can be purchased from the Campaign for America’s Future page at Powells.com and through other independent booksellers.


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