ALERT: The 124 House Members Who Need Your Calls On The Back To Work Budget

There are 124 member of Congress who need to hear from you now about your support for the Congressional Progressive Caucus Back to Work Budget. Between now and an anticipated vote on Tuesday, these offices need to be flooded with calls from constituents saying, “Please vote for the Progressive Caucus Back to Work Budget.”

This list includes some members who already support the budget, but want to be able to claim grassroots support for their efforts from their constituents. Others on this list are either on the fence or are right now outright opposed. If enough of us call, we could move some “no” and “maybe” votes to the “yes” column.

Why is this important? You already know: The House of Representatives will make a choice next week between the Republican-backed budget by Rep. Paul Ryan that will slow the economy and kill jobs, and the Back to Work Budget that is squarely focused on growing the economy and creating jobs. And, as economist Paul Krugman points out in his column today, it does so without “Ryan-style magic asterisks” and cuts to vital services and investments we must make to grow the economy.

So get your cellphones (and landlines) out. The question for your member of Congress: “Will you support the Progressive Caucus Back to Work Budget so that Americans can get back to work?” (You can also show your support by signing this petition.)

Member District Number
Grijalva, Raul Arizona 3rd District 202-225-2435
Pastor, Ed Arizona 7th District 202-225-4065
Huffman, Jared California 2nd District 202-225-5161
Garamendi, John California 3rd District 202-225-1880
Matsui, Doris O. California 6th District 202-225-7163
Miller, George California 11th District 202-225-2095
Lee, Barbara California 13th District 202-225-2661
Speier, Jackie California 14th District 202-225-3531
Swalwell, Eric California 15th District 202-225-5065
Honda, Mike California 17th District 202-225-2631
Eshoo, Anna G. California 18th District 202-225-8104
Lofgren, Zoe California 19th District 202-225-3072
Farr, Sam California 20th District 202-225-2861
Chu, Judy California 27th District 202-225-5464
Cardenas, Tony California 29th District 202-225-6131
Napolitano, Grace California 32nd District 202-225-5256
Waxman, Henry California 33rd District 202-225-3976
Becerra, Xavier California 34th District 202-225-6235
Negrete McLeod, Gloria California 35th District 202-225-6161
Bass, Karen California 37th District 202-225-7084
Sanchez, Linda California 38th District 202-225-6676
Roybal-Allard, Lucille California 40th District 202-225-1766
Takano, Mark California 41st District 202-225-2305
Waters, Maxine California 43rd District 202-225-2201
Hahn, Janice California 44th District 202-225-8220
Lowenthal, Alan California 47th District 202-225-7924
Vargas, Juan California 51st District 202-225-8045
Polis, Jared Colorado 2nd District 202-225-2161
Courtney, Joe Connecticut 2nd District 202-225-2076
DeLauro, Rosa L. Connecticut 3rd District 202-225-3661
Norton, Eleanor Holmes District of Columbia At-Large 202-225-8050
Brown, Corrine Florida 5th District 202-225-0123
Grayson, Alan Florida 9th District 202-225-9889
Castor, Kathy Florida 14th District 202-225-3376
Hastings, Alcee L. Florida 20th District 202-225-1313
Deutch, Ted Florida 21st District 202-225-3001
Frankel, Lois Florida 22nd District 202-225-9890
Wilson, Frederica Florida 24th District 202-225-4506
Scott, David Georgia 13th District 202-225-2939
Johnson, Henry C. “Hank” Jr. Georgia 4th District 202-225-1605
Lewis, John Georgia 5th District 202-225-3801
Gabbard, Tulsi Hawaii 2nd District 202-225-4906
Rush, Bobby L. Illinois 1st District 202-225-4372
Gutierrez, Luis Illinois 4th District 202-225-8203
Davis, Danny K. Illinois 7th District 202-225-5006
Duckworth, Tammy Illinois 8th District 202-225-3711
Schakowsky, Jan Illinois 9th District 202-225-2111
Foster, Bill Illinois 11th District 202-225-3515
Carson, André Indiana 7th District 202-225-4011
Braley, Bruce L. Iowa 1st District 202-225-2911
Loebsack, David Iowa 2nd District 202-225-6576
Pingree, Chellie Maine 1st District 202-225-6116
Michaud, Michael Maine 2nd District 202-225-6306
Edwards, Donna F. Maryland 4th District 202-225-8699
Delaney, John Maryland 6th District 202-225-2721
Cummings, Elijah Maryland 7th District 202-225-4741
McGovern, James Massachusetts 2nd District 202-225-6101
Kennedy III, Joseph P. Massachusetts 4th District 202-225-5931
Markey, Ed Massachusetts 5th District 202-225-2836
Capuano, Michael E. Massachusetts 7th District 202-225-5111
Lynch, Stephen F. Massachusetts 8th District 202-225-8273
Kildee, Daniel Michigan 5th District 202-225-3611
Conyers Jr., John Michigan 13th District 202-225-5126
McCollum, Betty Minnesota 4th District 202-225-6631
Ellison, Keith Minnesota 5th District 202-225-4755
Nolan, Rick Minnesota 8th District 202-225-6211
Thompson, Bennie G. Mississippi 2nd District 202-225-5876
Clay Jr., William “Lacy” Missouri 1st District 202-225-2406
Cleaver, Emanuel Missouri 5th District 202-225-4535
Titus, Dina Nevada 1st District 202-225-5965
Horsford, Steven Nevada 4th District 202-225-9894
Andrews, Robert E. New Jersey 1st District 202-225-6501
Pallone Jr., Frank New Jersey 6th District 202-225-4671
Sires, Albio New Jersey 8th District 202-225-7919
Pascrell Jr., Bill New Jersey 9th District 202-225-5751
Payne Jr., Donald New Jersey 10th District 202-225-3436
Holt, Rush New Jersey 12th District 202-225-5801
Lujan Grisham, Michelle New Mexico 1st District 202-225-6316
Lujan, Ben Ray New Mexico 3rd District 202-225-6190
Meng, Grace New York 6th District 202-225-2601
Velázquez, Nydia M. New York 7th District 202-225-2361
Jeffries, Hakeem New York 8th District 202-225-5936
Clarke, Yvette D. New York 9th District 202-225-6231
Nadler, Jerrold New York 10th District 202-225-5635
Maloney, Carolyn New York 12th District 202-225-7944
Rangel, Charles B. New York 13th District 202-225-4365
Serrano, José E. New York 15th District 202-225-4361
Tonko, Paul D. New York 20th District 202-225-5076
Slaughter, Louise New York 25th District 202-225-3615
Butterfield, G.K. North Carolina 1st District 202-225-3101
Price, David North Carolina 4th District 202-225-1784
Watt, Mel North Carolina 12th District 202-225-1510
Beatty, Joyce Ohio 3rd District 202-225-4324
Kaptur, Marcy Ohio 9th District 202-225-4146
Fudge, Marcia L. Ohio 11th District 202-225-7032
Ryan, Tim Ohio 13th District 202-225-5261
Bonamici, Suzanne Oregon 1st District 202-225-0855
Blumenauer, Earl Oregon 3rd District 202-225-4811
DeFazio, Peter Oregon 4th District 202-225-6416
Brady, Robert Pennsylvania 1st District 202-225-4731
Fattah, Chaka Pennsylvania 2nd District 202-225-4001
Doyle, Mike Pennsylvania 14th District 202-225-2135
Cartwright, Matthew Pennsylvania 17th District 202-225-5546
Cicilline, David Rhode Island 1st District 202-225-4911
Langevin, Jim Rhode Island 2nd District 202-225-2735
Clyburn, James E. South Carolina 6th District 202-225-3315
Cohen, Steve Tennessee 9th District 202-225-3265
Green, Al Texas 9th District 202-225-7508
Hinojosa, Rubén Texas 15th District 202-225-2531
O’Rourke, Beto Texas 16th District 202-225-4831
Jackson Lee, Sheila Texas 18th District 202-225-3816
Castro, Joaquin Texas 20th District 202-225-3236
Green, Gene Texas 29th District 202-225-1688
Johnson, Eddie Bernice Texas 30th District 202-225-8885
Veasey, Marc Texas 33rd District 202-225-9897
Vela, Filemon Texas 34th District 202-225-9901
Welch, Peter Vermont At-Large 202-225-4115
Scott, Robert C. Virginia 3rd District 202-225-8351
Moran, James Virginia 8th District 202-225-4376
Kilmer, Derek Washington 6th District 202-225-5916
McDermott, Jim Washington 7th District 202-225-3106
Heck, Denny Washington 10th District 202-225-9740
Pocan, Mark Wisconsin 2nd District 202-225-2906
Moore, Gwen Wisconsin 4th District 202-225-4572


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