Self-Made American Myth #2: Who Makes $250K?

Progressives have suspected for years that working- and middle-class Americans vote for the GOP because they have a deeply unrealistic idea about their real chances of becoming wealthy. We’ve joked that working stiffs vote for tax cuts and other goodies for the rich because they seriously believe that they’re going to be rich themselves someday, […]

Starving the Beast Ten Things You Can Do To Take America Back

If last Tuesday showed us anything, it’s this: We are not going to get America back on the right road — the one that leads to a progressive, just, carbon-free, equal-opportunity future — by political means alone. That was an illusion, and it’s time to give it up. We are up against powers so massive […]

The Myth of the Self-Made American Why Progressives Get No Respect

One of the biggest problems facing the Democrats going into this election is that they’re getting absolutely zero respect for everything they’ve done for the average American over the past two years. Tax cuts, health care reform, financial reform, expanded veterans’ benefits, direct funding of student loans — the list is long, and one that, […]

Tax Cuts Are Theft: An Amplification

Dave Johnson’s post on the broken contract that’s allowed private interests to siphon off our public wealth for the past 30 years is incredibly important. His basic argument is this: We, the People built our democracy and the empowerment and protections it bestows. We built the infrastructure, schools and all of the public structures, laws, […]

Obama Starts Race War to Win Election: An Inquiry Into Conspiracy Theories, Part II

The beat goes on. In the nearly two weeks since I wrote Part I of this series, an armed gunman was arrested en route to assaulting an obscure progressive foundation in San Francisco — one that’s often been at the center of Glenn Beck’s blackboard (which has become Conspiracy Theory Ground Zero for 2010). Also, […]

Obama Blows Up The Gulf: An Inquiry Into Conspiracy Theories, Part I

You’ve heard the latest one, right? President Obama — or maybe it was Obama working hand-in-glove with BP — deliberately blew up the Deepwater Horizon, sent 11 workers to their deaths, destroyed the country’s biggest fishery, and smeared the coasts of five states with endless tides of oil. Why did he do this? Why, to […]

The Progressive Dictionary: In Defense of “Global” Solutions

What we need is a new Progressive Dictionary. This dawned on me last week when I spent 1,500 words trying to explain that, no, the word “bureaucrat” was not always a swear word that carries dark connotations of suspect parentage; and that yes, once upon a time, we actually did used to hire smart people […]