Bushwacking Obama Conservatives Seek to Trap President on Social Security

Beware of conservatives bearing gifts. Today in the Washington Post, former Bush policy advisor, Michael Gerson echoes a growing chorus of conservatiuve pundits offering up “Social Security reform” as “the answer to Obama’s problems.” The advice is illogical on its face, pernicious in its consequence, and poisoned from its source. Gerson argues that Obama faces […]

Leaving Wall Street Out of the Story

I’ve just read the “preport” issued by the Republican gang of four minority on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC). The preport was a publicity stunt designed to embarrass the Commission, and discredit its report before it is issued. The effort became laughable when it was revealed that all four Republicans had voted in favor […]

A Toast to a Remarkable Leader Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will relinquish the gavel to the perpetually tanned, lachrymose Republican leader John Boehner when the new Congress convenes next January. It will be four years after that January 4, 2007 day when she “broke the marble ceiling” and became the first woman Speaker in the two-century history of the House. At the […]

Banana Republic New York City More Unequal Than Chile

From naked capitalism.com: “Given its degree of inequality, if New York City were a nation, it would rank 15th worst among 134 countries with respect to income concentration, in between Chile and Honduras. Wall Street, with its stratospheric profits and bonuses, sits within 15 miles of the Bronx—the nation’s poorest county.” The top 1% is […]

Obama and the CEOs Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The president kicked up his “corporate charm offensive,” meeting for hours with 20 CEOs yesterday. Characteristically, he started with an apology for not “finding the right balance” in addressing business. “We want to be boosters,” he said, because “when you do well, America does well.” The president and the business leaders talked about free trade, […]

Americans Scorn Conservative Stimulus Package

The Washington Post publishes a poll showing most Americans support the tax deal. No surprise: selling a tax cut doesn’t require a profile in courage. http://is.gd/iJ0n2 The poll provides two clear cautions to the leaders of both parties. Remarkably, Americans oppose cutting Social Security payroll taxes by two percentage points for all workers – 57% […]

Democratic Seppuku Too Horrible to Watch

Politics is not rocket science. Karl Rove and the political witch doctors like to pretend they can concoct mysterious potions to steal elections, but that’s just con man puffery. Politics really is mostly common sense. Democrats just got “shellacked” in an election. The reason was simple. We had the worst economic downturn since the Great […]