The Society of the Owned: The Rage of a Middle Class

Part Five of a series.

Something’s happening out there. It’s happening quietly in some places and not-so-quietly in others. It’s happening around kitchen tables and in living rooms across the country, as Americans come to grips with new — or, to them, newly-revealed — economic realities. For some, it’s just impossible to deny or ignore what most have known for weeks about the economy. Even the Bush administration — famous for simply ignoring reality (see part two of this series), as the president himself recently demonstrated by denying we’re in a recession — is showing vague signs of concern.

Maybe someone in the White House has been reading the news over the last several days, and maybe even reading it to the president. (Though until a reporter asked him about it, Bush hadn’t heard that gas might soon cost $4 per gallon.) But even the president might not have needed his news predigested this time, because even a perusal of the headlines in the last few days indicates that something — like that middle class anger in the last post — is building, and it’s reaching a point where more and more people have almost nothing left. And, it follows, nothing left to lose.


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