You Sent A Message to Fox News

We asked you to send messages of progressive patriotism to Fox News Channel, and you did—194 pages worth, from war veterans, educators, grandmothers and grandchildren—all making the point that Fox News cannot continue its attacks on patriotic Americans.

And, as promised, we made sure Fox News heard you.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Campaign for America’s Future staff members gathered your messages and pins, individually attaching each message to a genuine Made-in-the-U.S.A. flag lapel pin. They piled the messages and pins into boxes, stashed them into backpacks and late last week took the messages to the Fox News Channel Washington Bureau on Capitol Hill.

Fox News did not respond to a request to meet with one of its executives, so staffers instead joined the weekly tour of the Fox newsroom, where bureau chief Brit Hum, who last month was named BuzzFlash’s “putz of the week” for being “chief D.C. propagandist for Rupert Murdoch and the Republicans” and Sunday talk show host Chris Wallace hold court. Once inside the newsroom, they presented the 650 messages you sent, each with a flag pin attached, to a Fox staffer, and explained the purpose and message of the pins.

It’s a small step, to be sure, but a necessary one. As one of the participants in the drive, from Little Neck, N.Y., wrote, “Patriotism does NOT belong to one party or ideology and I urge you to cease your incessant attacks. Please accept our 4th of July gift in hopes we can all come together & recognize that we are all true patriots under the same grand flag and constitution that celebrates our unity even among diversity.“


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