The Push to Get Disney CEO Bob Iger Off Trump’s Economic Council

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Eighty-nine years after its creation, Mickey Mouse remains the beloved and instantly recognizable symbol of the now-sprawling Walt Disney empire.

But lately, Disney CEO Bob Iger’s association with Donald Trump has a lot of America smelling a rat.

Iger is serving on President Trump’s economic advisory council, formally knows as the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum. That’s the same panel from which Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down from earlier this month, under pressure after People’s Action and other organizations attacked him for not forcefully condemning Trump’s anti-Muslim immigration executive order.

But while Kalanick cut ties to Trump and his council, Iger won’t. In a statement last Tuesday, Iger said being on the council is a “great opportunity” that gives him a “pipeline” to speak with Trump.

Bad Mickey!

On Sunday, People’s Action launched this petition calling on Iger to stop collaborating with Trump and leave the business council. As of midday Monday, the People’s Action petition collected more than 31,000 signatures.

On Tuesday, representatives of People’s Action, Sum of Us, the Center for Popular Democracy, Color of Change and Organize Florida plan to deliver the petition signatures to Disney’s corporate headquarters in Orlando, Fla.

Disney may want to present itself as above the political fray. But right now, there are no sidelines. Disney needs to take a stand. It’s bad enough that this council is dominated by ultra-wealthy corporate titans, with no representatives of workers or Main Street businesses. But there’s no negotiating with an administration that is attacking immigrants, handing government over to Wall Street and planning to take health care away from millions.

Trump has repeatedly tried to bully federal judges and undermine the courts. He continues to flout our Constitution by refusing to divest from his businesses, despite the massive conflicts of interest they present. And he is using illegal and unconstitutional executive orders to advance his agenda.

There is still time to add your name to this petition to demand Disney CEO Bob Iger resign from Trump’s economic advisory council immediately. Just as tens of thousands of People’s Action members, together with hundreds of thousands of Uber users and workers, forced Uber’s CEO off Trump’s council, we can pressure Iger to also do the right thing — and free Mickey Mouse of the stench of Trump’s ratty policies.


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