Labor Secretary, House Speaker Boost Green Jobs Conference

The BlueGreen Alliance is a coalition of union and environmental organizations

“Green is gold,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she stressed the importance of the coalition in building on the job-creation work started by the Recovery Act last year.

“Know your power in all of this, because nothing this grand happens without your advocacy,” she said.

The Recovery Act was about putting people back to work who lost their jobs due to the recklessness of Wall Street, Pelosi said. But, she added, “We have to have a recognition that some people in this country have never been to work.” The initiatives discussed at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference “give us that opportunity,” she said.

gave more than 1,000 people a pep talk at the “Good Jobs, Green Jobs” conference in Washington this morning, sponsored by the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation.

“Green is gold, and if we can’t attract in our initiatives the private sector we can’t be successful.”

“Everything is about creating jobs,” she said, and we can’t allow another situation in which recklessness on Wall Street causes job losses on Main Street.

“The party is over for them”

Recovery Act is allowing for the construction of wind turbines, “smart grid” electricity.

We have to have a recognition that some people in this country have never been to work,”. “Good jobs, green jobs gives us that opportunity.”

“It’s a big job creator to have good-paying jobs.

We want to bring together all of the elements involved … around the idea that good jobs and green jobs, we are honoring the vows of our founders “


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