Hartmann, Borosage and Eskow: What’s Next After Henry Waxman?

When Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., announced last week that he will be retiring from Congress, progressives lamented the loss of a great liberal champion, a product of the political ferment of the 1960s who became one of the key members of the post-Watergate Democratic wave in the mid-1970s.

But Waxman’s departure is also the occasion to ask an important question – not who will be the “next Henry Waxman,” but what will be the new progressive paradigm that will be championed by the next generation of congressional leaders?

That was part of the focus of a segment of “The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann,” in which Hartmann talks to co-director Robert Borosage and writer Richard Eskow about today’s political landscape and the future of progressive politics.

Hartmann launches the discussion by asking how progressives can communicate to the generation growing into today’s austerity economics, with its extreme income inequality and limited economic mobility, that America can return to an economy of a growing middle class and truly broad economic opportunity.

“The millennial generation will have to invent its own politics,” Borosage explained, one borne out of their rejection of what Eskow called “a system dominated by corporate money.”

The segment is an installment of Hartmann’s “Conversations with Great Minds” feature.


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