Block And Blame Republicans

There is a telling graphic inside Friday’s New York Times that puts into perspective the Republican Party’s summer theme song, “Do-Nothing Congress.” It bears remembering as just one example of the difference Democrats are trying to make in how our country is governed—and evidence that the Republican spin that Congress can’t get anything done under Democratic rule is just plain wrong.

On one column, there is a list of Republican scandals: Rep. Billy Tauzin getting a lucrative pharmaceutical trade association job after pushing through Congress a bill benefiting the industry, Jack Abramoff buying favors from Republican lawmakers with lavish trip and other gifts, Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham inserting money into an appropriations bill for a defense contractor whose owner bundled campaign contributions on his behalf, former Rep. Bob Ney receiving illegal gifts from lobbyists but, though jailed and disgraced, still able to receive his lifetime pension.

Alongside that column are provisions of the ethics reform legislation passed August 2 by the Democratic-controlled Congress that would address each one of those Republican abuses.


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