Which Scandal To Focus On Today?

It’s a tough question for this White House: which scandal to focus on today?

Today, they’re going for Walter Reed, as President Bush is slated to tour the military hospital.

With the Prosecutor Purge scandal getting hotter and hotter, the ploy is to shift attention to the relatively better-managed scandal.

But while Bush has sought to delay making any real reforms by kicking the problems to various commissions, it’s the House that has taken the lead, unanimously passing on Wednesday a series of reforms in the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act.

The bill includes a one-year moratorium on privatizing key functions at military medical facilities.

The White House response? From the AP:

The White House, in a statement, said that while those goals were commendable, the legislation is premature.

It suggested that Congress wait for a report from a presidential commission and a task force on the war-wounded created after the exposure of poor outpatient living conditions and treatment at Walter Reed. Those findings are expected by the end of July.

Clearly, we need some more photo ops before taking any substantive action.


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