Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

For the third week in a row, the Sunday shows go 0-for-3 for the Watchdog.

Sen. John Warner was not asked on Meet The Press if his thin proposal, to reduce troop levels in Iraq from 160,000 to 155,000, would signal a desire to continue an indefinite occupation.

Instead, Warner was able to say unchallenged: “it would send a signal to the Iraqi government that matches [President Bush’s] words. His words being, ‘We’re not going to be there forever.'”

Sen. John Cornyn was not asked on ABC’s This Week to account for his comment last year that we have “about another four to six months to get this right” in Iraq.

And Fox News Sunday did not even bring up mine safety issues with Sen. Mitch McConnell, despite his ties to Crandall Canyon owner Bob Murray.


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