Weekend Watchdog

Air America’s Sam Seder is off this Sunday, so we won’t have our usual on-air Weekend Watchdog segment. But that shouldn’t stop us from keeping the pressure on the Sunday TV shows to ask the tough questions.

Add your own questions in the comment thread. Contact information for the shows is below, so we can let them know what their viewers want asked.

For Sen. John Warner, R-Va. (NBC’s Meet The Press): This week, you proposed reducing our troops level in Iraq by 5,000 to send a “strong signal” to neighboring countries that “we’re not going to stay there forever.”

But that would only reduce our troop level from 160,000 to 155,000, higher than the troop level was before the surge.

Wouldn’t that send the opposite signal, that we don’t mean what we say and we do plan to permanently occupy Iraq?


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