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For Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. (ABC’s This Week): At this past week’s presidential debate, a woman who lost her brother in Iraq asked you and the other candidates what you would do to “safely bring our troops home”.

NBC talked to her afterwards and reported, “she never did get the answer she was looking for.” (See the video at ThinkProgress.)

Why were you unable to answer her directly and say what you would to bring our troops home?

For Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn. (CBS’ Face The Nation): McClatchy Newspapers reported that when you visited US troops in Iraq recently, many wanted to tell you about the lack of progress and their desire to come home, but were afraid to.

CNN noted that and asked you if you’re getting “the real picture”? You only responded that the McClatchy report made you “upset.” (See the video at ThinkProgress.)

But you didn’t answer the question, nor did you revise your view about conditions on the ground.

So once again, are you getting the real picture when you visit Iraq? And why don’t these more candid assessments alter your opinion about how things are going?

For White House Press Secretary Tony Snow (CBS’ Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday): German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have forged a consensus among the most powerful industrial nations for a binding cap on greenhouse gas emissions, if it weren’t for President Bush.

As 6 out of 10 Americans support such a cap as necessary to stop global warming, why does the White House continue to ignore the public will and refuse to be environmentally responsible?


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