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Both Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt (ABC’s This Week) and House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Adam Putnam (CBS’ Face The Nation) will be defending President Bush’s indefensible veto of expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Three questions for them:

1. President Bush, along with you two, continue to claim Congress’ expansion of SCHIP would fund health insurance for families earning $83,000 a year.

But as Congressional Quarterly explains, “under current law, only the president can authorize states to use SCHIP to cover families earning $83,000, and Bush has declined to do so. The bill he vetoed would not change that procedure, and would discourage states from expanding SCHIP to families making three times the federal poverty level or more — $61,950 for a family of four.”

And Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch have repeatedly asked you to stop spreading false information about the bill.

Will you stop now?


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